Specialising in Inland Waterway Craft in the UK

Narrowboat Surveys Ltd principal marine surveyor is Paul Smith who offers a range of services for UK inland waterway craft.

Paul was born into a narrowboating family, extensively cruising the canal and river network on a converted FMC Josher. Having gained an engineering degree, Paul moved into the marine surveying industry in 1997. He has attained a Diploma in Marine Surveying, and is a member of the Yacht Designers & Surveyors Association (YDSA) and the British Marine (BMF).

Paul offers the following services and he carries full Professional Indemnity Insurance backed by YDSA.

Boat Safety Scheme Inspections

Inspections to enable the craft to obtain a BSS Certificate.
If the boat falls short of the published requirements, then details as to how conformity can be achieved are provided.

The Boat Safety Scheme (BSS), operated jointly by Canal & River Trust and the Environment Agency, defines minimum requirements regarding installations & equipment aboard a vessel.

Recreational Craft Directive Assistance

A comprehensive service to assist you in compliance with the Recreational Craft Directive. This includes advice during the build and a final inspection. All the paperwork required, including the Owner's Manual and the Declaration of Conformity, is produced for you. Stability is also assessed, including a heel test.

Valuation Surveys

Generally provided to satisfy requests from insurance companies, finance houses, solicitors and such like, to give an opinion of vessel value.
It may also be provided for potential buyers as an independent assessment of the agreed selling price.

The survey consists of only a cursory inspection and may be conducted with the vessel afloat. It is not a condition survey.


Surveys may be requested which cannot be defined within those detailed above.

These may include over-seeing repair or improvement works, advising on future vessel specifications and such like.


Damage Surveys

At the request of an insurance company or vessel owners, to inspect, assess and advise on sustained damage.

This may be as a result of damage from such as collision, sinking, fire or theft.